Welcome to the National Dog Warden Association (Scotland) website.  The NDWA was established in 1984 and is committed to the promotion of responsible dog ownership and the important and continuing role of Animal/Dog Wardens.


Purpose of This Site

The NDWA (Scotland) website has been set up to keep members of the public informed as to the role of the dog warden within society.  Dog wardens primarily deal with the following:


  • Stray Dogs
  • Dog Fouling
  • Dog Barking
  • Out of Control Dogs
  • Public Education
  • Licensing


Perhaps the most important role of a dog warden is the promotion of responsible dog ownership.  Dog wardens across Scotland are working daily to educate the public on the benefits of being a responsible dog owner.  In doing so, new and existing dog owners are showing greater awareness of legislation and taking more responsibility for their pet.


The NDWA is continually working to improve the relationship between dog wardens and members of the public.  Dog wardens are sometimes viewed in a negative context by the public and can be subject to criticism.  We hope to demonstrate the proactive role dog wardens play in enforcing legislation, educating dog owners, and tackling anti-social dog ownership.


The NDWA is committed to the belief that nobody should handle a dog unless they have received appropriate training or are suitably experienced to do so.  In addition, employers should not allow staff to carry out any enforcement duties without appropriate training.


There is a great deal of information on the website to assist Dog Wardens and dog owners alike.  Please use the navigation bars at the top and to the right to explore the NDWA (Scotland) site.

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