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May 2014: The Importation of Pet Animals Guidance for Local Authorities

Attached is the Guidance and first update – Guidance Note & First Update


May 2014: Dog Day Care REHIS Proposed Guidance

Attached is the proposed Guidance for Dog Day Care – Guidance Notes


May 2013: Dog Day Care Survey Results

Results of survey on Dog Day Care Licensing – Survey Results


April 2013:  Control of Dogs Figures

Jim Wilson (Scottish Government) has kindly provided the stats on the last survey on Control of Dogs – View Document & View Document


November 2012:  Dynamis Solutions Health & Safety Presentation Slides

This document contains the slides from the Dynamis Solutions Health & Safety Presentation NDWA training event on the 1st November 2012 – View Document


May 2012:  Minutes From May 2012 Meeting

This document contains the minutes of the May 2012 NDWA meeting – View Document


May 2012:  East Lothian Council’s Dog Walking Scheme

Carl Howman has kindly provided copies of all documents he uses in relation to the scheme – Letter | PDW checklist | PDW I.D. | PDW Sign


January 2012:  Stray Dog Survey

Local Authorities were asked to complete a survey relating to stray dogs – View Results


9th November 2011:  Authorised Officers – Control of Dog Meeting update

The overall feeling from the meeting was that there needs to be consistency in what Local Authoritys deal with and what the police deal with.  Laura is to gather the example policies and try to establish one working policy to take forward to ACPOS in the near future.


October 2011:  Staffordshire Bull Terrier Petition 

The NDWA was contacted by the Scottish Government to respond to a Petition from Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Scotland.  View Document


September 2011:  Press Article

The NDWA wanted to respond to a recent article in the press (read article) regarding the Control of Dogs Act.  The NDWA contacted authorised officers from across Scotland to obtain up to date statistics on the progress of investigating and dealing with the Control of Dogs Scotland Act – View Results.  The NDWA drafted a letter in response to Christine Grahame – Response Letter.


October 2010:  Training Event

Article for NDWA magazine regarding training event – View Article


May 2011:  Training Days

The NDWA held a two day training event at Alloa to help authorised officers become clearer in their duties under the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010.  The feedback from the event was positive and it was felt that the two days were a great success – View Video


January 2010:  Control of Dogs Article

Article for NDWA magazine regarding Control of Dogs Act (Scotland) progress – View Article


January 2010:  NDWA Consitution

The NDWA (Scotland) Consituation defines the fundamental principles and objectives of the organisation. – View Article


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