Do dogs have to be kept on a lead?

The law says that dogs must be kept under close control, but does not state dogs must be kept on lead. If a dog responds to the owners commands and is kept close to heel, can lie down or returns on command, the dog would be considered to be under close control. If you’re not sure that your dog can do this the responsible thing is to keep them on a lead.

All incidents involving dog bites on people, serious injury to another animal, or dangerous dogs must be reported to the Police for initial investigation.

‘Out of Control’ Dogs

Any dog, regardless of its breed, can cause fear and alarm, or even serious injury, if its behaviour is ‘out of control’

Aggressive Dogs

(Enforced by Police Scotland) Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 & The Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997

More Information

Further information can be read on the Scottish Government Guidance Document